S/N 1003
Central B.C. Airways/ Last Operators
Manufactured as G-21 in September 1937
NC16912 E. Harriman
RCAF 942  March 29, 1941
Allocated to No. 13 (OT) Sqn. Vancouver on March 29, 1942
Surplused May 9, 1945 at Patricia Bay and sold in Canada.
Bought on April 24, 1945 by Hamiltair LTD.
(Hamilton Standard Propellers)
CF-BHL the first Civilian Goose in Canada
Malibu Searo 1945
BNP Airways in 1950
Central B.C. Airways
On January 21, 1953, Force landed due to bad weather and sank at Kingscorner point north of Butedale, B.C. 5 fatalities. Only the Pilot survived.
Canadian info by Geoff McDonell
RCAF 942
Malibu Searo