S/N 1165

Flight Data Inc. / Carson City, Nv
Current Owners

Manufactured in January 1943
U.S. Navy surplus
P.A.D. /Chicago 1945-November 1948
Ellis Airlines/ Ketchikan, Alaska, November 1948- 1962
Alaska Coastal-Ellis Airlines/ Ketchikan, Alaska 1962-1968
Alaska Airlines 1968-1972
Antilles Airboats/ U.S. Virgin Islands 1972-1980
Flight Data Inc./ Carson City, Nv. September 2, 1999
1165 in Ellis Airlines livery. Mid 1950's photo
1165 in Ellis Airlines livery. Annette Island
Pilot Gerald "Bud" Bodding on top, late 1950's
Photo from the Bodding Collection
Two photos of 1165 in Antilles Airboats Livery - 1970's
Bottom from a Post Card