S/N 1184
S/N 1086  - With Parts from

Manufactured in September 1942  JRF-5
BuAer 04357
US Navy Surplus
N2751A   Ellis Air Lines, Ketchikan, AK. 1956-62
                Alaska Coastal-Ellis Airlines, Juneau, AK. 1962-1965
                Alaska Coastal Airlines, Juneau, AK. 1965-1967
                Alaska Airlines, Seattle, WA. 1967-1972
                Coast Air, Ketchikan, AK. 1972-1975
N1257A   Kenmore Air, Kenmore, WA 1978-1984
                 Catalina Flying Boats, Long Beach, CA. 1984-1989 (See Details)
                 Harvey Gibson, Circa 1990-1994
                 Las Vegas Aircraft Sales & Leasing, Henderson, NV. ??-1996-11
C-GDDJ  Rodgers Log Inc, Edmonton, Alberta Canada1998-2005-07
                 Pacific Coastal Airlines, Port Hardy, B.C. 2005-08

                    (Under restoration) Due to be finished by spring 2006

A Special Thanks goes out to Derek White
from Pacific Coastal Airlines,
one of the folks restoring 1184 to flight status.
He has been a great help in "Filling In Some Holes"

Catalina Air had a string of accidents (Incidents) in 1987
January 21st, Avalon, CA.  (Incident)
April 2nd,  Long Beach, CA.  (Incident)
July 28th,  Avalon, CA.  (Incident)
Details to come

1184 was featured in a movie titled: The Endless Summer 2 in 1994.
At the time 1184 was owned by Harvey Gibson.
This part of the film was filmed in Costa Rica,
at Oliver "Ollie" North's favorite-secret beach.
I'll bet no one knew he was a surfer, eh?
An accident was caught on film when running the plane up on the beach.
It looked like a ground loop and resulted in a damaged wing.
The filming stopped when it came to rest.
I happened to catch the flim on HBO late at night, back in 2003.
It was a Horrible sight!!!
I've never seen it again on TV.
The DVD is available.

You can also find it on YouTube.com
Just search Grumman Goose
Alaska Coastal-Ellis Photo 1966
Bud Bodding Collection 1968
John P. Stewart Photo 1972 Coast Air, Ketchikan, Ak
Sean Keating Photo - Kenmore Air, Bothell, Wa. 1978
Catalina Flying Boats Photo
Catalina Flying Boats Photo
Catalina Flying Boats - Air Nikon Photo