S/N B-100

William R. Rose/ S. Barrington, IL.
Current Owner  FOR SALE

Manufactured in 11-1944 JRF-6
BuAer 84805
Delivered to US Navy: 11-28-44,
Operated 44 months and 2192 flight hours
U.S. Navy Storage:    August 1948
Stricken from U.S. Navy Inventory: 09-1956


10-29-1956 Beldex Corp., St. Louis, MO

12-09-1957 Remmert-Warner of Florida, Pompano Beach, FL

10-15-1958 Keystone Helicopters, Philadelphia, PA

10-16-1958 Joe Speidel III, Wheeling, W VA

07-14-1960 Fleet Rental Company, Clarkesburg W VA

03-15-1961 American Bahamian Air Service, Lantana, FL

11-25-1961 A.C. Clewis, Tampa, FL

09-29-1962 Warner H. Kimball, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

11-26-1962 Windjammer Air Taxi, Miami Beach, FL

11-23-1964 Mercantile National Bank, Dallas, TX


01-30-1965 Dean Franklin, Miami, FL- Also Seen in Chalks Livery

03-31-1970 Robert Hall, Kodiak, AK Kodiak Airways

04-16-1970 Robert and Helen Hall, Kodiak, AK

12-28-1973 Kodiak Western Alaska Airlines, Kodiak, AK

01-16-1978 Foreign and Domestic Enterprises, Seattle, WA

05-13-1980 Collins Brothers Construction Corp., Las Vegas, NV

01-31-1986 Richmor Aviation, Hudson, NY


08-22-1987 William R. Rose, Barrington, IL FOR SALE

Special Thanks to Jim Powell for all this info!!
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Kodiak Western Alaska Airlines