S/N B101

European Coastal Airways/ Croatia
Current Owners

Manufactured in November 1944
BuAer 84806
US Navy Surplus 1945
N62899 Sold in Canada in 1967
Forest Industries Flying Tankers/ Port Alberni B.C. C-FVFU  1968-1996-
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C-Tec LTD./ Saint John, New Brunswick  2002-2004
European Coastal Airways/ Croatia
C-FVFU Circa 1970's Steve Williams Photo
N62899 Sold in Canada in 1967 Operated by Forest Industries Flying Tankers Ltd. 1968-1996, Vancouver as CF-VFU. Flown out of Sproat Lake near Port Alberni, on Vancouver Island. Used for forest patrols, support and spotter for the Martin Mars water bombers. Has been fitted with long range fuel tanks in the wing center section for a 6 hour endurance. Alaso can be used to transport timber companies personnel. Was given the super treatment sometime in it's career, with the extended dorsal fin, upgraded engines and retractable floats. Over 15,000 airframe hours.
Canadian Info supplied by Geoff McDonell
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