S/N B112

Red Dodge/ Anchorage, Alaska.
Last Owner

Manufactured in January 1945
BuAer 84817
US Navy Surplus 1945
Western Alaska Airlines 1958
Kodiak Airways 1982
This Goose was to be the original "Cutter's Goose" from "Tales Of The Gold Monkey". Un fortunately, The Goose crashed on the way to Hollywood on route from Anchorage Alaska. The picture is not B-112, but of 1051, the goose that took it's place in production. (just for those who don't know what "Cutter's Goose" was all about.) If I can find a picture of the real B-112, I will post it along with the accident report and the history of B-112.

New News on B-112. According to Fred Ball.
Western Alaska Airlines in Dillingham, Alaska bought N2845D in 1958 with 320 hours on it, and operated it until it crashed 35 miles out to sea. There were two survivors. The last photo of it is hanging in an air taxi lobby in Yakatat Alaska. Photos in it's last livery to come soon, I'm told.
Sadly, on Sunday, January 11, 2004 Red Dodge passed away at the age of 77.