S/N B138

Pen Air/ Anchorage, Alaska
Final Owners

Manufactured in July 1945 JRF-5
BuAer 87744
US Navy Surplus
US Fish and Wildlife Service N779
Charles Water January 1967 N501M
Sold in Canada March 1968
converted to McKinnon 1203 G-21C Feb-March 1969
Features the extended nose to accommodation for 9-11 people
PT-6A-20 Engines w/G-21E fittings.
C-FBCI BC Dept. of Highways
C-FBCI Air West
            Pattison Industries 1984
In 1984 the engines were replaced w/ PT-6A-28's to make it a G-21G
            Crown Forest Products 1985
            Pen Air/ Anchorage, Ak.  N660PA
Crashed in the sea near Unalaska in 1996 w/2 fatalities. Only parts of aircraft were recovered. Total airframe time was over 12,00 hours. Info supplied by Geoff McDonell
John P. Stewart Photo
Glen Etchells Photo