S/N B52

Amphib Inc./ Lake Zurich, IL.    Sept 2002
Current Owner

Manufactured in April 1944
BuAer 37799
US Navy
Royal Navy of Britain  surplused
N4773C  Alaska Coastal Airlines
              Alaska Coastal-Ellis Airlines 1962-1965
              Alaska Coastal Airlines 1965-1967 converted to Turbines
              Alaska Airlines 1967-1972
N37487   Channel Flying Juneau Ak  converted back to radials.
               landed wheels down in the water - 1986
               Bill Dasilva 1993
N42GL    Charles Greenhill 1994
               Amphib Inc./ Lake Zurich, IL.    Sept 2002
There is an interesting story on the 'net about a USCG guy who was flying on this aircraft during the late 1960's-early 1970's  when they were landing at Sitka on the runway and one of the props went into full pitch when the pilot threw them into reverse. It ended up on the rocks.  Derek Linder
Shell Simmons Photo
Photo 1993 Carl Schruppel