S/N B76

Pacific Coastal Airlines, Port Hardy, B.C.
Current Owners

Crashed Near Port Hardy August 3, 2008

Manufactured in August 1944
BuAer 37823
U.S. Navy
RCAF August 24, 1944 - RCAF 392
Kashower Air Service LTD. Oshowa, Ontario/ May 22, 1947 as

Dionne Automobiles LTD. Rimouski, Quebec/ May 23, 1947
Rimouski A/1s LTD. Rimouski, Quebec/ May 27, 1947
G.W. Crothers LTD. Toronto, Ontario/ October 23, 1947
British American Oil Co. Toronto, Ontario/ December 14, 1948
Registration changed February 7, 1949 to CF-BAE
B.N.P. Airways LTD. Vancouver, B. C./ December 13, 1951 as

Powell River Co. LTD. Vancouver B.C./ May 31, 1952
B.N.P. Airways LTD. Vancouver B.C./ May 31, 1955
Crown Zellerbach Canada LTD. Vancouver Canada/ May 26, 1964
Pan Aviation Inc. Miami Florida/ January 21, 1985 as N93GS
Amphibian Sales Inc. (Dean Franklin) Miami, Florida as N93GS
Classic Wings, Inc. Coraopolis, Pennsylvania as N93GS
Caribbean Clipper, Isle of Islay, Argyll, U.K. as U.S. Registration N93GS
Pacific Coastal Airlines, Port Hardy, B.C April 3, 2007.
Canadian Registration as C-GPCD

Special Thanks to Chris Menno and Bill Burdis for the history of this Bird
Crashed near Port Hardy, August 03, 2008 (2 survivors, 5 dead)
Photo taken in 2007 and still in the Caribbean Clipper Livery, But with C-GPCD tail no.
Edward Mitton Photo