Kodiak Airways/
Kodiak Western Airlines
By Ted Panamarioff, Kodiak Alaska
Grumman G-21A Gooses
operated by Kodiak Airways and Kodiak Western Alaska Airlines
(1964 to 1985)
Aircraft listed in order of use by KA/KW
S/N 1125 - N1583V
I believe this may have been the first Goose owned by Kodiak Airways,
Crashed DEC 11, 1974) in Chiniak Bay returning to Kodiak from Old Harbor (south Kodiak Is.) Fatal

N ?
There were other Gooses used here, between 83V and 87U that I cant remember N numbers of.

S/N B-126 - N87U
We used to call this the Blue Goose, cause it was the first Goose we ever saw that wasn't red and white. But in later years was in KA colors. It hit a reef on landing in Karluk Lagoon (Kodiak Is) and sunk in the early to mid 70's. Was rebuilt.

S/N B-112 - N2845D 
Operated by Kodiak Airways in the 70's and 80's, Lost heading south for Tales of Gold Monkey in KA colors.

S/N 1138 - N69263
Also operated by Kodiak Airways from early 70's till it hit a rock on landing in Alitak Bay, AK (south Kodiak Is) Kodiak Airways Red and White paint
Rebuilt, and flown by Hal Dierich, and was destroyed in extremely foggy weather near Spruce Island in Spring of 81(?) 2 tone Green, very nice
Rear fuselage still behind Pen Air hangar Kodiak AK
(4 or 5 on board perished when 263 hit the water at high speed in a descending turn to get out of dense fog) Fatal

Sometime in this time frame, Kodiak Airways merged with Western Alaska Airways,
don't remember the exact year (in the mid 70's)

Operated by Kodiak Airways/KW stalled and sunk, while flying salmon fry to Akalura Lake, Kodiak Is.
(think it was rebuilt) Red, white, blue stripes, not pretty

S/N 1051 - N327
Flew for Kodiak Western prior to delivery for Tales of Gold Monkey. White, Red, Black UGLY

S/N 1110 or 1100 - N3282 
came to KW same time as N327 and was here until the demise of Kodiak Western. (presumably sold) White, Red, Black UGLY

S/N 1164 - N72PR
I believe this plane was only leased by Kodiak Airways/Kodiak Western 2PR was notable for its 2 blades props. the rest had 3 blade Hartzells.
We called it Peter Rabbit, it was blue and white
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