The name was simplified to Alaska Coastal Airlines in 1965
Goose Fleet
1028 - N86590
1061 - N48550
1114 - N88820
1138 - N68157
1149 - N28369
1157 - N88821
1164 - N95431
1165 - N74588
1167 - N95467
1172 - N74676
1184 - N2751A
B8 - N2752A
B30 - N1019N
B52 - N4773C
B60 - N4762C
B63 - N79901
B86 - N4763C
B88 - N79914
B93 - N4774C
On April 1, 1962, Alaska Coastal Airlines of Juneau and Ellis Air Lines of Ketchikan merged. The merger produced the biggest Grumman Goose fleet in the world.
They had a total of 24 aircraft including 4-Pby Catalinas, smaller seaplanes and a Convair 240. They had around 300 or so employees, and served 60 SE Alaska communities, as well as charters.
In January 1967, Alaska Coastal received the first Turbo "Super Goose". (1164 - N95431)  The original radial engines were replaced by 2 Pratt & Whitney of Canada PT6A-20 Turbo prop engines. The conversion extended the range from 900 to 1600 miles, and a cruising speed of 243 mph from the original 190mph.
In 1968 it was announced that Alaska Coastal would be bought out by

Alaska Airlines.
With the Building of land based airports all over SE Alaska, Alaska Airlines soon sold off all the amphibious aircraft.  With the building of Ketchikan Airport in 1973, ,the rest of the gooses were sold.      
In 1973, the Annette Island Airport was closed down for good in 1977. Antilles Airboats in the U.S. Virgin Islands bought 7 of the Alaska Coastal "Gooses". Two stayed in Ketchikan with
Coast Air for a short time. One went to Southeast Airlines in Juneau.        
Ellis and Alaska Coastal will be remembered for a long time, not only by the people who flew on them,
but by the Tongass Historical Society in Ketchikan. There will be a static display of (1157 - N88821) the "original" Ellis Goose there. so if you are ever in Ketchikan, stop by and see it!
It will been painstakingly restored to the original colors
Other Aircraft
PBY Catalina Fleet

S/N 44-N196N
Cessna 185D
2 Aeroncas'
Alaska Coastal Airlines Photo 1966
Alaska Coastal-Ellis Airlines Photo The Late Jim Ruotsala
                                  Circa 1963
Alaska Coastal-Ellis Airlines Bellanca prior to Shipment to Canada
Photo the Late Jim Ruotsala  Circa 1964
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